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Imagine a world where every child in every community, regardless of economic class, has access to the best, life-changing education.
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About Us

Rob Kerr, founder of Angel Academy, has a life-long passion for education and understands intimately how education lifts people out of poverty. His mother’s message that ‘a good education was the one thing that would bring him success’ set his value system and dedication to this cause in place.

Despite a difficult life’s start, he was able - through family support and strong early education - to be successful, earning a Master’s Degree in Teaching. Today, Rob works professionally in the banking world, searching for a significant way to make a difference.

Knowing that the proven avenue for long-term change is centered in early learning, he is founding Angel Academy Learning Center.

The mission of Angel Academy Learning Center is to positively impact low-income families by providing access to early childhood daycare, preschool, and sick care within their local neighborhood.

We will give life to our mission by:

  • Establishing new centers within low-income neighborhoods so that all families currently receiving ERDC subsidies, will have a place to send their children for quality care and education. This will include partnerships with school districts such as David Douglas and Reynolds.

  • Providing restricted contributions for those who fall above ERDC and HB 3380 subsidy thresholds, to narrow the gap between full cost and affordability;

  • Partnering with community organizations to provide wrap around services such as sick daycare, employment opportunities, and nutritional counseling to our families;

  • Offering a unique early learning education program that is designed to protect a child’s potential through a customized curriculum that supports the whole child.

Our programs and services to families will not only mirror the community in which these youngsters and their parents live, but will also reflect messages and images of a successful future. We will provide a variety of teaching styles designed to set the foundation for life-long learning, based upon a safe and playful environment. Proven teaching methodologies are designed to both support and encourage the joy that comes from self-paced learning and discovery. With access to technology and quality teachers, our students will be prepared for the first entry into a more formal learning setting. The importance of a good early learning experience leads a child properly into Kindergarten, into Elementary School and beyond. We know committed partners will see the importance of Angel Academy’s Programs, not only for today, but into the future.

Through the help of many passionate volunteers we have come a long way since the Angel Academy concept started one year ago.

Corey O’Connor, VP Education Programs and Jason Kendall, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and Jim Giocabazzi CFO Consultant, have been involved from the beginning, developing a sound business plan and pro-forma. Tricia Melnik, VP, Operations and Administration and Marie Nizich, VP Development and Marketing bring their operational, marketing and fundraising strengths together, with an eye to creating a successful nonprofit organization. Rob Kerr brings his expertise around start-up businesses, banking and networking to the table. We are successfully building a board of directors with expertise in informational technology, job recruitment, business consulting, and financial management of large day care centers to set direction and to guide growth.

Our Team

Dedicated Professionals starting organization on volunteer basis.

  • Robert Kerr


  • Marie Nizich

    VP, Development & Marketing

  • Corey O'Connor

    VP, Education Programs

  • Tricia Melnik

    VP, Operations & Administration

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Our Schools

As of today we have identified a flagship school in the Rockwood community! The 17,500 square foot site can serve over 200 children. We are presently negotiating lease terms with the owner of the building with the hope of opening our first center in the Spring of 2016.

We are deveoping relationships and partnerships to make this project happen and gathering a talented team including an architect, classroom design consultant, construction project manager and IT network service manager who will help us build our vision in Rockwood.